MG Commercial Bank is an international online banking with digital mobile communication
Headquartered in Port Vila, Vanuatu
Our Advantage: Tax free, No capital control
MG SpecialtiesMG Commercial Bank's specialty lies in providing a seamless, secured, fast, reliable and user-friendly mobile and online banking platform for our customers. We offer a wide range of banking solutions for all our valuable customers.
MG ModelsWe pride ourselves on innovation, challenging traditional banking models by moving towards an online & mobile based banking system.
MG ServicesOur customers are fully empowered to enjoy greater freedom & seamless access to their capital, not restricted by time or space.
Cyber-Security and confidentialityProtecting our customers' funds and their information is always our utmost priority.
Quality infrastructure/teamOur customer-friendly systems can be relied upon to process your transactions quickly and accurately
Integrity and fair dealingWe believe our customers deserve to be able to trust their bank with their capital.
24-hour service anytime, anywhereWe focus on providing our customers with seamless access to their account at their convenience.
OUR VISIONTo provide advanced technology, innovative and unique mobile online banking system that is convenient, borderless, seamless and timeless in order to protect and perpetuate the growing wealth of our valuable customers.

Our Senior Core Management Team comprises local banking expertise based in Vanuatu & the South Pacific Islands along with international global experience from Greater China, Asean, Australia, Japan, the Middle East and New Zealand.

Our Professional Team members are senior international bankers with in-depth and diverse experience in legal, compliance, finance, accounting, debt & capital markets, treasury, portfolio & fund management, private equity and investment banking.

Vanuatu consists of 83 beautiful islands that are famous globally for its warm & friendly people, beautiful picturesque blue ocean & white sandy beaches
along with its agriculture, tourism and well established offshore financial services. It is located in the South Pacific, a 3.5 hours flight North-East of Sydney, Australia. BANKING SYSTEM
Vanuatu is a parliamentary democratic country with 52 parliamentary members. The domestic currency is Vatu (VT), while the Australian and US dollars are commonly accepted. Offshore banking forms an important part of its economy, overseen by The Reserve Bank of Vanuatu. The Reserve Bank issues
banking licenses and also vets offshore companies on their directors, liquidity and minimum capital requirements. Most of the rule & regulations,
Company Act and Banking Act are based on English Law. BENEFITS & ADVANTAGES OF INVESTING IN VANUATU
● International Confidentiality Standards ● No exchange control
● International company, commercial & banking law based on English and French law
● Tax-Free Jurisdiction (not subject to income, corporate, capital gains or withholding tax,
death duties and estate taxes)
● Strategically located in the Asia Pacific Region.
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Fax:(678) 27778
Address:1st Floor, The Vila Mall,
CRN Pierre Lammy &
Andre Ballande Street,
Port Vila, Vanuatu