Wealth Management & Investment Services

Wealth Management & Investment Services

Private Banking

Boutique private banking services tailored to grow your wealth.

Asset & Portfolio Management

We connect you to investment opportunities around the world through our global network of financial experts. Our asset & portfolio management solutions work in a way that suits your goals and investment objectives.

Securities Trading

MGCB accesses to all major exchange centres in the world.

A new online share trading platform is coming soon.

Share Financing

Share Financing is a revolving loan facility secured by shares. This will enable your investments with greater purchasing power and improve your cash flow to maximize your potential returns.

You can use the loan proceeds to buy additional shares without having to sell any existing share portfolio. You can pay off your loan partially or in full anytime. Your loan facility is available in USD and HKD to suit your personal investment needs.

Interest is calculated only on the amount of funds utilized on a daily balance basis.

We accept shares traded in major exchanges.

Unit Trust

A unit trust is a pool of monies from a group of investors, managed by a fund manager who then invests in different classes of financial assets.A fund manager equips with experience, knowledge, skills, and resources to manage your investment portfolio on your behalf.

You can invest into different classes of assets, achieve diversification effect of your investment portfolio.

We accept the minimum investment of USD 10,000


Bonds are debt instruments that are relatively safe as an alternative to cash and equities.

Investing in bond is to diversify your investment portfolio, reduce the portfolio volatility and obtain regular income stream.

We accept the minimum investment of USD 50,000

* All of the above are subject to Bank's T&C


Talk to our asset management team to obtain more info at enquiry@mgcombank.com or (678) 27777