About MG Commercial Bank

MG Commercial Bank is a full-service International Bank registered in the Republic of Vanuatu.  Located in the Pacific, Vanuatu's ideal geographical position, economic environment, tax regime, and legal structure are favourable to foreign investments and foreign investors.

Headquartered in Port Vila, MG Commercial Bank aims to provide outstanding services to prestigious clients from all over the world.  Specialization in wealth management, MG Commercial Bank develops and offers strategic advice and investment solutions. We are accommodative to the individual needs of every customer and offer personalized and customized private banking services and solutions.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to build value through commitment and responsibility to each of our clients. We are committed to ensuring the safe and nurtured growth of wealth by taking into account the specialized financial needs of every client.

We provide advanced technology, innovative and unique mobile online banking system that is convenient, borderless, seamless and timeless in order to protect and perpetuate the growing wealth of our valuable customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to change the way people banks -- by leveraging digital technologies and embedding ourselves seamlessly into your lives to deliver simple, fast, and secure banking experiences.

Our commitment to you is for the long term, to grow, to value, and to drive businesses and personal wealth for our customers.

Our Values


We adhere to the highest standard of integrity and ethical standards. Our works are transparency that subject in full public view.  We understand that our business is build under the pilar of trust with our customers.  Therefore, fair dealing is our core value.


As a financial group, we innovate and use technology to improve productivity and efficiency.  We provide our customer with clear, relevant and timely information to help them make decisive decisions.


Everyone of us is committed to being reliable and deliver our promises.  We take ownership of providing the right information, right analysis, right advice, right solutions for customers to make decisions.


Regardless of race, sex, and age, we treat all our stakeholder with respect and humility.  We speak and work with open heart and accept differences to achieve common goal.